Saving Variables In Mobile Environment Resulting In Blank Form

Hey Guys

So I've managed the create three pages 

1. Pickup Your Store Location

2. Pick the product

3. Save the two choices chosen above with the form data filled with the correct variables but after I save its not saving any of the prefilled data.

Can anyone explain what Im doing wrong?


Hi there,

On your screen 'AddInventory', most of the forms inputs are bound to the input parameters of the page, but then on your save action, you save the record of 'GetInventoryById.List.Current', so the values on the screen never get used on save.

You can create an OnAfterFetch action on the 'GetInventoryById' query and bind the input parameters to the current record. From there you will also need to change the form inputs to be bound to the 'GetInventoryById.List.Current' record, so that when you save, you are saving the correct values.

Let me know if this helps,



In case there is any confusion, I've attached the OML with the fixes that I outlined.