I made a table where I list all the records of an entity and add a Boolean variable to be able to use a checkbox that the user would use to choose the records that he wanted to save. Now How could I show the records that I already save and also list all the records of the entity in case I want to choose some more or uncheck?

Could you please help step by step I'm New in Outsystems! 

Please provide more explanation.

Suraj Borade wrote:

Please provide more explanation.

I need to check all the records that are already stored in the database

Show the if the certain row record has a null id. Otherwise, hide the checkbox.

You could use the "IF" condition interface  to show/hide the checkbox.


In your preparation:

1. Create the list with the boolean

2. Read your database again to find the ones already selected

3. Loop through the lists and where there is a match set the boolean.value to True

4. When the list renders it should show the ones already in the database checked