Cannot have a link to container with list inside

I'm using P10 mobile environment. 

I have a container with list item looping data inside....But I cannot have a link for this container....I need a link to go to detail page.

Any idea?


What exactly do you mean when you say that you "cannot have a link for this container"? If you right click the container in the screen designer or in the widget tree, you have an option to link it to some other screen. Using this option, you can create a link to your detail screen.

That's right...But when you have list inside the container somehow you cannot add link to that particular container.... Try it....The list will be gone when you add link.

Would you look at that, you're right. It seems like a bug. In alternative, you can create the link in the ListItem itself.

Means...I have to put so many links (the same link repeating) each one for each element in that particular container...?

No. As I understand, you have a container and inside the container a ListItem, correct? You can create your link on the ListItem widget (right click it and create the link).

Yes..but I also need to put the link repeating over the rest expressions and labels or perhaps just on sub container...means for each sub-container....Because what I want actually is put a link on parent any tap on container would change to another screen....

Btw, how to escalate bugs on outsystems..

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your widget structure (Widget Tree), so that I can help you with this?

About the bug, I would contact Outsystems support (

I want to put link on grey box and I have list on red box....So I need to put links on 1,2,3 and 4 sub-container....but that would also not be working if the tap is on space between sub-containers...

I see. But having an entire list of elements inside a link doesn't make much sense. How will you specify the input parameters for your details screen? This might be the reason why the platform doesn't let you do it. The usual approach would be to create the link inside the list.

Yes in that case it's true.... But in my case the list itself is not's just a looping of displaying data.

I want go to screen detail when parent container is tapped. Which then not possible if consideration is list item is always link.

I think it should be possible to have link on parent container even though the list inside container itself has another link to make the platform more flexible and cool...

Again, I think what you're trying to do doesn't make much sense. What is the link on your parent container going to point to? What you should do in this case is create the link inside the list, so that when the user taps on one of the list items, he's redirected to that specific item's details.

No consider this

1. It's a mobile so tapping container would be a lot easier than tapping a link.

2. Parent screen is a profile screen. Tapping it will go to profile detail.

3. Inside profile screen (parent) there is a list (loop of data) displaying some other dynamic information. So in this case there is no requirements to put link on each item list. It's just a data and not going anywhere else.

So I really need to put a link on parent container which has list inside. Anyway I opened a ticket already.


Outsystems says this is a bug. Hopefully will be addressed on future updates. Workaround is to use onclick event on the container instead of link.