Advance Query not working properly

I have an Advance query 

When used with Identifier, gives correct result

Now if I change, query like this


Please advice. 

Any changes in new version?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Attaching second image for reference.


Are you sure your entity has rows that match that criterion (that is, where the HYPOTHESIS attribute has some content)? I did a quick test here using a similar query, and it worked as expected.

do you use oracle or sql0server or ..?

afaik, oracle will get a space in "empty" text-fields.

furthermore, you are not telling is what you are comparing.

that attribute, is it a text-field, an identifier, a boolean... 

Hi Aurelio,

Yes I have rows which have Hypothesis data. If you zoomed first image, it will show that Hypothesis has returned data. Sorry in attachment, I haven't attached result.

@J, Here I am using Oracle database and Hypothesis is  text field.


So you must have an empty space between single quotes in your condition as J said.

<> ' ' 

Hi Suraj,

I jsut gone through a link tells me how oracle handle an empty string and a null value.

Oracle empty string and a null value



Use TOAD first  to check whether it returns rows or not.