GeneratePassword is a very innapropriate randomizer

Every decent language out there has a function that returns a random integer/decimal between two values. Outsystems however, provides the most useless random ever: generatePassword.

GeneratePassword is something we could very easily build using the "regular" random functions found in every programming language, but it's incredibly hard to do it the other way around: using the generatePassword is nearly impossible to build a getRandomDecimal function. 

Of course I can download a decent random function from the forge, but I shouldn't have to. As I said, every decent programming language as a regular random function in its core libs.

What I mean is: opting to include generatePassword on outsystems and not a "regular" random is a very, very questionable design decision and one that could and should already have been reverted. Inexcusable after 10 versions. 

Just my 2 cents.

Hi flpmorais.

I completely understand your point of view. However, please remind that OutSystems is *not* a general-purpose programming language, like Java or C# or Python. It is a domain-specific language (DSL) for web applications. DSLs tend to be very specific - think about SQL, XAML, LaTeX. They exist to make some tasks easier, but will inevitable make other tasks harder.

There's lots of things that are really hard to do in OutSystems: tree-like data structures, filesystem access, inter-process communication... but, as it turns out, these tasks are not necessary for the run-of-the-mill web application. Sending e-mail, integrating with web services, and using AJAX are a different matter.

If you really need the power of a general-purpose platform, you can use Integration Studio to extend the OutSystems platform with plain C# or Java code. That's a very powerful tool that makes sure no one gets locked out due to OutSystems's design decisions.

Best regards,

Leonardo Fernandes

Leonardo -

I have to completely disagree with the way you've answered this.

Having a proper "Random" function comes up *all the time* in Web development. I certainly need "Random" on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the "out of the box" experience includes a Text Extension which builds stuff like regex into the platform.

It is a real and obvious lack that there is no "Math" Extension out of the box with basic stuff like Random in it. The fact that *I* had to provide this Extension in the Form is an embarassment.

Yes, OutSystems is NOT a "general purpose programming language" but that does not mean that commonly referenced items like a "Math" Extension should be left out of the "out of the box" experience.