Pop Ups


Are there any design "rules" about pop ups?

I'm working on an web application that has really big forms, and currently they're shown in popups.

However, the Liverpool theme doesn't have a template for pop ups so we're using the one from the SilkUIFramework (the Layout\LayoutPopup).

Thing is, this ends up looking awful because the MainContent place holder has a fixed maximum width, and won't stretch any more:

So, my question is, are there any design directives about what to do with forms this big?

I'm thinking it shouldn't be a pop up, because it'll be a way way too big for that, but the costumer really likes their pop ups so some backup from official design directives would be nice :)

Hi Carlos, 

We've had this issue as well.

What we end up doing is that if the popup starts having a lot of information we have to make it it's own webpage.

If not being a popup is not an option I believe you can create your own popup template that will have the layout that you wish. Because the problem with the default one is that it will only get wider but the content does not which makes it look bad.



Hi Carlos,

You are thinking in the right way =) Pop ups and big forms shouldn’t mix in any case.

The use of pop ups should be restricted to task confirmation, or in some cases to provide simple and short information. So when the user needs to complete a specific task, but doesn’t want to lose context, we resort to pop ups on top of the main screen.

Due to this reasoning and taking into account the sheer amount of information you have in your hands, you may want to consider filling the form in a new page. You will have enough space there to make it look better and without going through the risk of closing the pop up by mistake and losing all the information that had been inserted.