Intergration Studio - error occurred while saving the Extension.

Intergration Studio - error occurred while saving the Extension.



We have created a class libary that uses DevExpress components to produce a DevExpress report as a binary pdf file. We have created an Extension that uses this class libary returing the pdf to the user. On adding the DevExpress references to extension, when we try and publish the extension, Integration studio 

fails on the saving extension step.  It has no issue compiling the extension. 

We are on platform server Version 10.0.302.0

The Error we get

Environmental Fault 

An error occurred while saving the Extension: 'Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.'.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to resolve. 

Hi Leon,

How big is the extension and library you're trying to publish?

Does it also happen when publishing through Service Center?

Hi Leon Nel.
Can you do integration Outsystems with XtraReports?

Hi Paulo/João

We managed to do the publish using the , an error does still occur occasionally. Normally resolved by making sure the C# class library has not added unnecessary Devexpress references. Remove those, refresh the references on the Outsystem extension, and it normally goes through

Hi Leon Nel, I managed to do it.
I don't understand how make the integration because I'm using outsystems cloud and I don't access to data base neither to installation server outsystems. So, on design of report I can't used a datasource, I would need use a ILIST<T>.
Do you know how to do it?