Mobile app always opens on homepage


We have a mobile app that is also can be used in desktop browser. However when I try to go directly to subpage by entering url on address bar I see loading screen and app loads homepage (if user was already logged in)  instead of desired one. For example https:/ loads https:/ 

Is there any workaround? We need it to be able to direct user to specific page when he receives browser push notification.

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

The usual behaviour when the user is logged in, is to go directly to the page you requested. Can you share (or PM me) a link for the app so that I can take a look? 

Hi João, 

I've tested on new app and result is the same. Please see attached oml. 


pass: 123

when enter in address bar on new page https://*** after login user is redirected to Home. If user is logged in and enter this address on new page he is also redirected to home. Only if you paste this address on already opened app page you will be redirected to proper page "page 1" (see text on page).



Upgrading Silk UI Mobile to the latest version available on Forge will fix the problem for new applications.

To fix it in your existing app, create a temporary app and copy the actions in the Splash Screen that handle the navigation after the loading is complete.

Let me know if this solved the issue!

My regards 


Hi Dinis,

Thanks for your reply - it solved problem if user is logged in. But if user was logged out he will be redirected to homepage. I guess I can store that address in cookie and check after login. Is it planned to be implemented on next versions of mobile ui?

Thank you.

The logout scenario is not planned right now but we can evaluate it. However I can't commit to any specific dates at the moment.

Thank you

Ok. By. the way is there any way to see that components like Silk Mobile are updated and need upgrade? 

Not at the moment, the only way is to check Forge if there is a new version.

But I think that's a great idea! We'll look into it :)