Hi, I am new to outsystems. I am creating a mobile app and want to use the Image widget with a dynamic URL which I received from an external REST API. 

However, when using the widget I am not given an option to insert the URL, only static images.

How would I do this?


You could do this :

- Create a localstorage table : TempTable

- Delete the Id

- Add attribute Image (type binary data)

- When retrieving the image from your rest API, save it in the image attribute from the local storage table you just created.
- Whenever you retrieve a new image from your rest api, overwrite the old image from local storage table with the new image binary data retrieved from your rest api.

- Right click the properties of your screen where you want to use the image.

- Chose : fetch data from local storage

- Use your local storage table where the image is stored

- drag an image widget to your screen.

- on the  type property of the image widget select : Binary Data

- on the image content property of the image widget select the image attribute from the local storage aggregate

- don't forget to refresh the local storage aggregate on your screen whenever needed

That's it. :D
If you can't get it to work, i'll send you an example OML.

Hi Niels and Thanks for your reply! Apologies, it seems I explained wrong, I do not receive any binary data from the REST API, I only receive a url to the image. And both the "Image" and "UserAvatar" widgets don't accept URLs... 


Turns out, I had to change the "Type" property into "External URL". ServiceStudio wouldn't  let me change the properties before, but now they were editable and it worked!