Forms and structures - Two issues without a work-around


User consumes a web service:

  1. User fills in Form and clicks submit
  2. App makes a web service call to the server host, If response fails, the web service returns a list of errors along with the fields (structure attribute name) where the error occurred.

There are two problems here

1 - Unable to flag Validation message via loop (you must flag validation message manually), Add Form widget validation message record list will solve this issue.

2 - Unable to get structure attribute name programmatically, because the field name is hard coded in the text, when the structure attribute name changes by a user, this becomes untrackable and is prone to errors. Add structure-property to get the structure attribute name will solve this issue.

I know that I've seen a few schemes to work around #1, usually with custom work.

#2 is an item that's popped up on the Ideas board at least once.