[Silk UI Web] How to create an old fashioned table records widget on the new mobile theme?

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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Mar by OutSystems R&D


I am using platform 10.0.303.0 in a personal environment. I created an app for a phone and I want to add a simple old fashioned table records widget to the mobile screen, but the only options on the new platform are the new List and List item which does not show the complete table in a list like it used to do on platform 9. I tried to reference the old silk ui, but nothing there.

How can I display a simple table with a few numbers on the new platform? Any advise will be much appreciated.


You can use the *columns widgets, or even containers, inside the ListItem. This way you'll separate columns as it was a table.

Just keep an eye on UX.

Thank you for the reply Joao. I tried that today. I had to create the headers in a separate container on top of the list, to prevent them from repeating within the list. It just does not look as polished as it would have in the older environment as I have to create the borders for the cells and rows with css. Sorting the list is a bit tricky too, but I suppose it will have to do for now.

Thanks for responding!