External Database questions

In regards to external databases I have two questions.

1) My understanding is that the DB is accessed by the Platform servers, Is there an IP Address whitelist that can be used to only open public internet access to the DB Server to JUST Outsystem's Platform servers?

2) Is there an easy way to move a DB Schema from Outsystems to an external DB server.  (Currently the DB does NOT have any data in it.

Thanks in advance

Hello there!

1) that is correct, the database is accessed by the platform servers. There's no white or black lists to deny or grant access to determined IPs. That's usually a system by its own and it should be handled by specific software or appliances: firewalls, proxys, etc... 

2) You mean the database that servers the platform itself? if so, this will probably help.


Thanks for the Info.

I guess for #1 i can just limit my firewall to accept AWS IP's and not the entire world, since platform is on AWS.

Also, i will take a look at the guide, however with this being the personal environment, not sure how doable that will be.  I may need to find someone to help me out with that piece.