How to check if someone has already authenticated on AD when they open your webpage?

We have it working on a site with CAS to check if they have already authenticated through CAS on a computer when they open our page.  However, if we want to do user authentication via active directory, if the user has already authenticated via active directory and they then open a webpage from our outsystems app, how can we check to see if they have already authenticated on that computer to active directory and not have to enter their ad username and password again?

Hello Jason,

Isn't Integrated Authentication what you want? Check the documentation regarding this feature.

This will log the user in your OutSystems application using his logged in user on his computer. In OutSystems you can then check what user is logged in.

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Ricardo Silva


Yes, thats exactly what I want to happen.  Set the users authentication method to be AD, then if they go to a page it checks to see if they are already authenticated in AD and if so it just lets them in.  In this case, I would have to manually make a user in the user table of OutSystems that has MyDomain/username as the username correct?  Or would the username just be "username"?

In the case of them accessing the site outside of their AD, I would just need a standard login screen with username and password which OutSystems would then check with the AD when I do the "login" server action correct?

I think we are on the same page on what I want to do, I just want to make sure of the specifics that I have to do in the application and the OutSystems server to make sure thats set up correctly.