How To Create Dynamic Menu Based on Database Query

How To Create Dynamic Menu Based on Database Query


Hi Everyone,

I still new to Outsystems.

I want to create dynamic menu on Outsystems rather than using drag-drop webpage into the menu(static menu), but i dont know to implement this issue.

Does anyone can give clue?

Thanks in advanced

HI Eddy,

This is really very simple , first you need to define your Main Menu and Sub Menu with their url's in database and also map them with user roles.

Now take a list and get all Main Menu based on role , in the same list add a webblock which takes main menu id as input and generates a list of all submenu , creates a link dynamically based on the url corresponding to your submenu.

You also need to play with some css\jquery to keep the menu expand or collapse.



Hi Pramod,

Thanks for the enlightment, i will try your suggestion

Best Regards,


Dear All,

Can you please give me more details how to display the Menu List record that contains the menu label and URL in the DropDownMenu widget ?

Thank you,