How to make Lisbon SilkUI image banner like in LisbonPreview?

Hi, I want to create page similar to LisbonPreview where there is Image banner and transparent background top menu, that when scrolled down, it disappear and Top Menu change from transparent to colored.

Lisbon Preview:

My Page currenly only like this:

I suspect I have to put something on the white space between top menu and main content?
Can I download LisbonPreview.oap for learning how to do it?



Hi Harlin,

Here you can download and install Silk UI Sample Pages, and see how it is possible implement a banner with an image in background, or you can follow this steps.

    - Use Layout_Website from LisbonTheme;

    - Use Website_Title block inside MainContent and fill the options provided by the block; 

I hope this helps you.

My Regards


Thanks for your support, I will try it.