Hi Guys,

Where trying to install the Outsystems Now app on a Panasonic windows 10 Core i5 computer. From the windows website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/outsystems-now/9nblggh16pms

When we click the Get the app button the windows store will be opend. Only in the store its saying: Outsystems Now is currenlty not available.

When will it be possible to download the app?


Hello freek.

What's the use case? Are you trying to use OutSystems Now with Mobile Apps?


The Panasonic computer has a build in NFC reader that we want to use.

The Panasonic is a Toughpad type FZ-M1. On the Outystems Now windows store page it's saying it supports windows 10. So why can't we download it from the store?


Hello freek.

With Mobile Apps, OutSystems is currently targeting iOS and Android. Also, the NFC is not a supported OutSystems Plugin, which means that even if OutSystems Now was available on Windows you wouldn't be able to use NFS in it.

However, you do have the option to download the source code (it's open source) and use a customized version of OutSystems Now. Keep in mind that you have to create a web responsive app.



How about the NFC app in the forge, would it be possible to use that one?


Hi freek,

The plugin that is in the forge is a mobile plugin, therefore you can't use it for web responsive apps. The cordova plugin code is on Git (https://github.com/OutSystems/phonegap-nfc). It indicates support for Windows so it should be possible. You would have to create a web responsive module that exposes the API to use the plugin. You can look at this plugin for an example https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1159/now-plugin-touchid/.