"Change & Deploy" needed for apps to appear in SS Environment tab?


It seems like apps won't show up in SS environment tab if the logged in user has the "Reuse & Monitor" level for them - for some reason he needs "Change & Deploy". This, despite the fact that a "Reuse & Monitor" user can open the modules, just not from that tab.

Is there any rational behind this, or is it a bug?


Hi Miguel,

This is the correct behaviour in the latest versions of the platform - SS environment tab only shows applications that the developer can change.

The reason why this was implemented was to de-clutter that window, ensuring that developers only see the applications which they are authorised to change, which should be less than the whole set of applications, thus making it easier for the developer to find what is important for his daily work.

You can still open other applications, provided you have Reuse & Monitor permissions over them, by using the "Open from Environment (Ctrl+O)" option in the Environment menu.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Ricardo Marques


Yeah, we can get there no problem with CTRL+O, it's just some folks here wish they could "see" their available producers at a glance (for learning and disclosure purpose) - and asked me if the current behaviour was a bug. :P

Thanks Ricardo!