lesson 7 widgets

I am at lesson 7

They say: open screen editor (after about 50-seconds)

How do I open screen editor?

I don't see a toolbox at the left sight of my screen

Ctrl-W don't help

Can You help me, what do |I do wrong/


What course are you on?

Ah! Found it!

Well, it might get you confused, yes. You don't specifically open the screen editor per se, the screen editor opens when you open a screen of your application.

Try it now and let me know if it works :-)

I am really new to this programm...

Ik have the following screen (at the end of lesson 6) where must I click to go on?

see the attached picture



You click on the top-right "Interface" icon to show all your flows and screens in the tree area.

You then select a screen by double-clicking on it.

Let me know if it works :-)


Now I get the right screen on my monitor.

Thank you for your patience.


No problem!

Keep your questions coming! We're here to help!

Happy learning!