Personal Environment Services Down - Cannot Restart Services

My personal environment (shared hosting) has health problems (the deployment service on the front-end server is down), and I cannot find a way to restart the services.

I do not see the 'Restart Services' link shown here, presumably because it is a shared environment:

How do I fix this issue? Does support need to reboot the environment on my behalf?


Separate note: The reason I noticed this problem is because I am getting somewhat intermittent 404 errors on two files that are meant to be reliably served by the platform, so I am hoping that the above will resolve this issue. The two files which are 404'ing are:



I am hoping that the two issues are linked, since the 404 problem is completely breaking edit forms on the web app.

I am using OutSystems 10 Personal edition.

Many thanks in advance.

You are not allowed to reboot the services. Your license doesn't allow it. (it's a personal environment so..)

You should create a support ticket, and outsystems will reboot the service for you

Thanks so much Niels - OutSystems support have now rebooted the busted service for me. It was another user in the same cluster doing something problematic.

However unfortunately my original problem still remains. The following two files still give a 404, either when you load an Edit form, or try to load them directly:



As far as I can see these are standard system components required for any OutSystems 10 form to work. My forms are standard edit/create forms created in OutSystems 10, and currently they do not function.

Can anyone kindly help me understand how to resolve this issue? I can't see how I have any control over the availability of these files. This has been a persistent issue over the last week at this point.

(Just to be clear, the silly thing is that I successfully used the edit form at least once, and then it just stopped working. So I know it should work in principle - I can see the data I entered before it broke. I simply have no idea what would make these files 404)

Hi Ian,

I had the same issue of 404 for {app_url}/Widgets/Form/fastclick.js?10_0_200_2 and struggled a lot , finally i republished SilkUi and entire application and it started working. Didn't get the root cause for this but i checked that the methods of fastclick.js are initiated by osjs and hence there was not much we can do it to solve but the good thing after publishing SilkUi and entire application with refresh dependency it worked for me.




I had the same 404 issue today.

In my case, I resolved this issue by changing the theme property of UI Flow to another theme.

I can not find the exact cause yet. Because there have been a change in our theme recently, this might be a problem.


Junji Watanabe