creation issues

I'm trying to use in an app, but I'm hving a lot of trouble integrating it with outsystems.

I already have a working server, that I can test in several different ways:

-running the outsystems app in the browser simulator

-creating a cordova project and connecting to my server, when running both on the browser and the device

however, when I run the outsystems app in the device, I can't seem to connect to the server, as the connection times out. The js code is exactly the same as the cordova one, and it is as simple as var socket = io("");

did anyone have issues with this already/knows of another way to create sockets on outsystems?

Hi Ricardo,

Try connecting through HTTPS instead and see if it works.

Hello João.

I've tried connecting frough http as well as https. When I connect through http, I get a "xhr poll error", when I connect through https, I get a timeout on the connection.

I should also mention that by using this plugin (which is pretty much a cordova wrapper for I can connect without any issues using http. The problem is that the plugin is fairly lacking, most notably not allowing the creation of rooms, which is pretty critical for me