Mobile Timer/ Stopwatch

Mobile Timer/ Stopwatch


Does anyone know whether it is possible to implement a timer into a mobile application. A clock which count down from 24h to 0 for example?

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I cannot see why not?

at least you can implement something with javascript.

it really depends how realtime you want to have it.

We made something back in the day and it's pretty accurate on the milliseconds.

and google tells me there is an cordova-plugin for it.

Where did you find it ?

google:  cordova timer plugin

I guess my skill-level on this matter is way to low. I really don't know how to create the plugin in a way that it works on OutSystems. Do you have any example or video on how to implement a cordova plugin?

It Does help! Only one thing left. It doesn't work in a mobile app, the javascript doesn't.. Any ideas?

Hi Martin,

If you end up using the cordova plug-in like J. mentioned, you can take a look at this to help guide you:


This is what i've got right now for an application. It works on a webapp, but not on a mobile app in P10