André Vieira provided a self-registration sample for regular web applications at:

Is there a similar sample for mobile phone applications?

Another sample provided by Stacey Levine ( stops the upload to the latest development environment with a warning:
"OutSystems Platform dependency analysis has detected that installing this application would impact other applications running in your environment. You may still force the installation of the application at your own risk.How2UserRegistration is not compatible with your platform version."

In short, I'm looking for a current version (v10) of user self-registration (and extension of the user entity) for mobile.

Hello Ido.

Sorry for the late reply. I don't think there's a sample for this yet, but it will probably appear in short term as it's fairly popular.


Hello Ido,

We just released on Forge a "User Registration Flow" that might help you.

Although it does not extend the user entity, this sample flow provides a simple and easy way to register a new user to your application, and it is fully customizable (by default, it adapts to your application colors).



Here's an oml with an example of Mobile User self registration extending the user entity to add custom atributes to the user information. 

Thanks, Mariela.