Template (Dublin, Lisbon, etc) missing dependency on Calendar webblock (WebPatterns)

Hi, I'm having missing dependency error on SilkUI Templates (Dublin, Lisbon, etc).

It was missing Calendar webblock from WebPatterns espace (SilkUIWeb App).

My server is Java stack Oracle DB, platform version 10.0.302.0

Here's steps I did it:

1. Download SilkUIWeb from Forge

2. Download Dublin template from Forge

3. Got dependency warning, but I click Force Install

Screenshot 1

After clicking Details link above:

Please help...

Thanks in advance.

SilkUIWeb Framework Version is latest stable 3.0.2
I have tried to republish it but still problem.

I checked SilkUIWeb in detail on Forge, then I found this.

Is those templates refer to discontinued Silk UI Web v3.1.1 ?
While latest stable version is 3.0.2?


This might be the problem, Dublin template latest version is v3.1.0 (which is installed by default)

While latest stable of SilkUIWeb is v3.0.2, the latest stable of Dublin/Lisbon/etc template is v3.1.0, that why I have missing dependency...

So I have to manually download matching v3.0.2 Dublin/Lisbon to correct this...

Hope Outsystems will properly roll-out SilkUIWeb with matching SilkUI Templates soon...