Hi, I have been learning Outsystems BPT in my free time.

When I was continuing doing the training, no Taskbox was displayed on my screen. 

In ServiceCenter, Monitoring, Process I see that my process was locked.

Is it because of timeout?

Where can I increase the timeout setting?

Thanks in advance.


Active instances of a process will be suspended if something critical is changed, like the process trigger (Launch On) or input parameters change. I'm not sure if that will also lock the process.

Hi, I don't think I have changed anything...

Maybe it's because too many activities time-out.



I have the same problem that Harlin Setiadarma is facing. Can anyone help us by a solutions or way to overcome it.

Hi Naresh,

The process it self only gets locked like that when there is a publish of the module ongoing and the "Impact Analysis" is running.

There is also the scenario where a administrator can lock manually a process in the Service Center UI, but in that case the message explicity says who did it:

There are other reasons that can cause individual process instances to become suspended (as Nelson said, changes in the process that would cause impact), but not all the process definition like it is shown in that screenshot.

João Rosado