[Google Login Plugin] Using Google Login Plug form Forge

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Published on 29 May (3 days ago) by Experts
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Published on 29 May (3 days ago) by Experts


I 'm using GoogleLoginPlugin from the Forge. 

I walked trough the steps in the GoogleLoginSampleApp , so I get a "google-service.json"  file.

How do I integrated this file to my App?

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Hello Arnold.

The fact that you have a "google-service.json", means that you have registered your android application in the android developer console.

Use the Generate Native feature in Native Platforms tab in your application in Service Studio, to generate your application for Android and install it your mobile device.

Have you already generated the app and not able to log in? 


Hi Arnold,

We don't actually need that file. 

For Android, you just need to set the correct SHA-1 fingerprint on the Google Console, which is something like AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF:00:11....

For IOS, you need to collect the Reverse Client Id (or iOS URL scheme), which is something like com.googleusercontent.apps.<a bunch of alphanumeric chars>, and set it on the Extensibitity JSON in the Plugin's eSpace:

Kind Regards,

João Grazina

Hello Bruno, 

Thanx for the answer. 

I generated the App but I get an error "0" with description "4" , while login. 

The SHA1 finger print might have change for some reason.

If you have the JAVA jdk installed you can use this command line to check the SHA1:

 {PathToJDK}\jdk1.8.0_101\bin>  keytool -list -printcert -jarfile "{PathToAPK}\{APKName}.apk"

Try to check if the APK SHA1 matches the one set up in the android developer console.

Hi Bruno, Arnold,

It's not such a good idea to use the certificate from the apk, since the applications (when no certificate is defined by the developer) are generated with a default certificate from the platform's Nativizer, which vary from node to node - it's a farm - so one time you might get the certificate from one server, when regenerating, you get a different certificate from a different server. 

I recommend generating the mobile application with a specific certificate you know the fingerprint for, even if generating in debug mode.

Kind Regards,

João Grazina