Importing excel to create table

tried to create table by importing from excel with about 1300 records , what am I doingn wrong

i.e. right click Db, select import entities from excel, select excel file

1. but when the database gets created only 721 records are loaded (when i go to the interface and double click on the main page it shows this

2. I go to data > right click table> View data and there is no data showing


Can you share the excel file so we can take a look?



But wait are special characters like next line and below allowed in the xls file for import?

see below sample data in only one cell:

- Studio Unit at The Knightsbridge Residences
- 27 sqm
- high floor
- with balcony
- Makati skyline view
- P3.5M only

hmm in my previous message the special characters are showing up as "??"

here is an image

Hi Great Ancheta, Is it possible to share the excel file? so that we can identify the exact reason

 behind it.


Rajendra Singh

hi there info is kinda sensitive

are there limitations like special characters char(13), wingding, single and double quote, symbols that shouldn't be used?

Hello Great Ancheta,

I tryed inserting all those types of characters you mentioned and it didn't seem to have a problem:

Have you checked your database space or object limitations? Not showing in the Aggregate can also be many things such as, you have to publish after importing from excel in order to show, review if there are any filters, among other.



hi Diogo 

please see attached sample data


Hello Great Ancheta,

I imported the data you provided and it seems to load without problems as you can see here:

I simply bootstrapped the data you provided to this example entity where the Post field is of type text:

However I did some changes to the excel so it fits the remaining attributes as you can see in the file attached: DB REB (Responses) 2017 03 04 - clean - try (1).xlsx

Here follows the corresponding OML: ExcelTest.oml

Hope this helps.