Can you tell me if the below guide also applies to the outsystems v10?  

Migrate an Environment Using a Database Clone

Thank you


Hello Tiago,

In fact that document only applies to version 9.0. We plan to update it to v10, but I don't have a date for you at the moment...

We did have reports of people applying this guide to v10, and the feedback we got is that you need to add the following two new lines in the "Clean up the Environment security context" section:

delete from ossys_parameter where name = 'OutSystems.HubEdition.MobileLogin_AuthenticationHMACKey';
delete from ossys_parameter where name = 'OutSystems.HubEdition.MobileLogin_AuthenticationEncryptKey';

Hope this helps,


Hello Tiago,

We arrived at the conclusion that the changes mentioned by Rodrigo do indeed make the procedure work on OutSystems 10. So we already updated the article accordingly:



That was fast!

Thank you all.