Update multiple rows in table record


I am using combobox widget inside table records and my requirement is that i have to select multiple rows using combobox then for those selected records change the column values. The new column value is selecting from a dropdown list.

I am facing issues to update the new column values for multiple records onclick of button click.Please give some solution



Hi Nithya,

So there are several options, I really don't know which one is the best, or if there are more options to do this.

-What I can think of first is making it an editable table, that way when they change the column it save on the OnRowSave event.

-Another one is just running a foreach loop and saving all of them, this will have a server call for every loop, maybe you can have a check to see if it changed before you call the Save.

Hope this is helpful.

Andres Moreno