I am using Dublin theme on OS10 and I would like to limit my page to desktop small styles. Styles with this theme for dropdown menu is very different for normal and large desktop... Is thee a way to set it without overriding all menu related styles on local theme?

 Thank you.

Hi Mykola.

It works, you can override all menu style on a local theme.

Take a look into this video about CSS Best Practices with OutSystems

In the following webinar, explains how custom CSS should be placed in SilkUI templates


Hope it helps you!

Hi Daniel,

I know it works but it would be more efficient not have to search for every line of style with desktop.small class and override it but just have control on script that adds classes to Page and that would allow to enable/disable phone/tablet/small desktop/etc. classes on page - so for example use only small desktop for every screen size. 

Thank you.


There is not quick and easy way to do it, my suggestion would be to clone the Theme and Template, so you can remove the styles for other form factors and apply the ones you need for all desktop versions.

Alternatively, you can just clone the layout  and make sure to have the "desktop small" classes forced in the "Page" element.

Hi Mikola as Dinis suggested, 

There only way and it's the dirty and old way.