Need Help Urgently!!! I've been working on an app for the last three months and getting to ready to publish to the app store shortly. When suddenly I cannot make ANY changes to the dependencies in the app i.e. cannot add, remove or modify. All other apps in my environment work perfectly and this was working up to the last change which was more than a week ago.

Hi Kenroy, 

I see what you mean. Service Studio takes forever Refreshing References with the OML you provided... I guess this should never happen, so may be this is a bug in Service Studio.

Meanwhile you could try to download the previous version that did work and see what change causes this behaviour by applying it bit by bit, refreshing references and then publishing.

(You can find previous versions in ServiceCenter: Service Studio menu Environment Management, Factory, eSpaces).

I hope this helps,


I can now confirm that it doesn't matter which version I use, it results in the same behavior. Since the problem is specific to this module, I am now forced to recreate the entire thing in a different module