[Cropper Library] Problems with cropping portrait images
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Currently working on .105 version in the cloud.  Wanting to move to 200, but the support team has not scheduled it yet.

Cropping a picture in landscape perspective works fine.  

However, when a picture is taken in portrait perspective, cropping does not function easily.  In portrait perspective, the full picture does not show on our mobile screen. 

Once the image is shown on the screen, the full picture is not shown - we have a title bar at the top and an advertising carousel at the bottom, so the bottom of the image is not shown.  We have to scroll down to see the bottom of the image and the buttons..

After clicking the crop button, the grid displays, but we cannot establish the bottom of the grid, and we are unable to have the phone advance to the bottom.  There is no way to have my finger select an area to grab the picture to move it up.  There is a work-around when using the emulator because my computer's mouse has a track wheel - but phones do not.  When I try to put my finger on the screen to move it down, it assumes I've changed my mind and I'm redefining the crop area.  I'm unable to get to the bottom to select the crop button.

When an image is displayed, it uses the full width of the phone screen and the bottom of the picture (and the buttons) do not show.  If there was a way to have the full picture displayed on the screen, then that might work.

Hi Brian,

The Copper component sets the image area as croppable. As the image original size on the screen is already scrollable the cropper is only reflecting an already existing problem. In this scenarios you probably want to set the max height of the image.

Feel free to keep discussing this here, i'll help you as far as i can. 


Hi guys,

I am facing the issue for portrait images in cropper, When we take a picture in portrait mode, In Cropper preview image has changed the landscape,How solve this issue. This issue only for iphone



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