How to reinstall App in Outsystems Now

I am evaluating outsystems 10 as a potential RAD tool to use within my organization.

I have updated the scheme of the local storage used in a mobile app built in outsystems 10. 

Since then both the online simulator and outsystems now on my iPhone wont update the app. 

I get the following message 

How do I reinstall an app on outsystems Now and the online simulator?

For anyone else experiencing this I found two work arounds

For mobile:

  • Delete and reinstall the whole outsystems now app

For chrome:

There must still be a better solution surely hoping someone can point me to it?

Also how would you handle this situation in production when you want to push an update to 100s of users?

Hello, I have the same problem, but don't understand what you mean with the solutions:

Delete and reinstall the whole outsystems now app? Do you mean reinstall service studio?