Question about language translations

In outsystems, translated texts gets uploaded in espace via development studio. Is there a way for an end user to populate translated text at runtime. Would it be possible if i fetch all translatable texts and show it on a page then the user can add translation for a specific text.

Our goal is to minimize the dependency to a developer in order to implement language translation.


I guess currently isn't possible to change translations on runtime  . To be possible only if translations are stored on database, but doesn't seems to happen currently. Probably is only creating a .NET resource file.


As far as I know this isn't possible. The only thing you can do (as an developer) is to only set on translated what need to be translated and within service studio you can do an export to excel (module -> Export -> Language Resource To Excel), give this list to a translator and then import that translated list to service studio again.

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Hi Nelson and Evert,

Thanks for the answer.



You could create a database table for your text, with Locale as an attribute and allow the user to create the translations in the database. Then you would have to make every piece of text on your pages, titles etc., a variable with the key of the text and retrieve it all when the page loads based on the current Locale. It would be some work but it would work.