[FullCalendar 2] Not working in P10?

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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe


when dragging the webblock of fullcalendar2 it is not being displayed. Same for the sample app. The calendar is not being displayed.

No javascript/jQuery errors occur when loading the page.

Anyone has a fix for this?

Hi Niels,

Which browser are you testing it on? And which platform version for your test application?

Kind Regards,

João Grazina


I'm testing it in Chrome with service studio version : 10.0.303.0.

I was able to make the component work by using an older version. But even there, there where some issues with the dateformat. I was able to use the correct dateformat and the calendar is working now.

I have another bottleneck now which is the drag and drop functionallity of the calender.
This is my case:

- I have an other div with a recordlist where the items can be dragged from that div into the calendar.
I'm using a forge component for drag and drop.
- The drag and drop component is working as expected, and I'm able to drag a list item and drop it soewhere (in the dropzone)

- I wan't this integrated with fullcalendar. I want to drag an event from another div into the fullcalendar which afterwards will show a popup with the prefilled date i dragged it into.
How to achieve this? Dragging content that is available outside the fullcelander into the fullcalender and trigger an fullcalendar event.



Hi Niels,

I have a new version "baking in the oven" with the drag-and-drop (from external events) implemented. 

I'll drop a line when I've published this new version.

Kind Regards,
João Grazina

Could you remove the dependency of ardojson, instead use the platform built-in json capabilities?


I already tried it, and it's not working for me with the Outsystems one.


I already created my own version of the fullCalendar2 with external events. (in combination with the drag and drop forge component, which I also extended so I can use it in combination with FullCalendar2)

Niels, it should work but you need to do more than just replace the Ardo actions by the builtin ones.

If you want i can take a look and tell you what you need to do.

The reason why it doesn't work is the JSONDeseriealize uses ISO date format : 

2014-01-01T00:00:00Z (ISO)

While FullClanedar uses 

2014-01-01T00:00:000Z (ISO)