What is the best approach on upgrading from v7 to v10?


Is there a recommended approach on upgrading from v7, to v10?

Do I have to go all the way through from v7, v8, v9, v10, or can I simply go from v7 to v10?



Hi Nuno,

A direct upgrade is possible with downtime of the running applications.

For no downtime upgrades, it's necessary to upgrade via some intermediate versions. Check the breaking changes and documentations for more information (in the "Check Before You Upgrade" section of each version).

João Rosado

Well João,

It will actually be an upgrade with infrastructure migration. We're having a project to move an infrastructure on v7, to Azure on v10. I am aware that many changes will make the solutions be reviewed by the developers. My biggest concern was due to the time I would have to spend with the upgrade, whether I could simply upgrade to v10, or would have to uprade to the intermediate versions(v8, and v9)