Accidentally deleted self from Users

Hello, mates. I've accidentally deleted my account from the users, and now, I can't access the users database. I have a bunch of users registered and I was hoping to turn one of them into admin so that I can put back my account. But then again, I realized that I also need that user to be an admin before I can add myself back as admin. So basically, I deleted the admin from the users and I need to put another admin. But I can't since that deleted admin was me. What can I do to register myself as admin again? Details: I'm using the latest version of Outsystems, creating an app for iOS and Android. For more details just ask. I'm rather new into using Outsystems.

Hi Nathanael,

You can set back your user from backend if you have database access.



You can set back your user from backend if you have database access.

Assuming you don't have direct access to the database and assuming you can still develop and publish I would try the following.  Write an action the calls CreateUser from the Users eSpace to recreate the user and password, then call Login for that user and then call GrantRole and provide the Administrator as the role.  I'm doing this off the top of my head so the exact function names might be off but you get the idea.

Once the action is created, create an anonymous screen with a single button that calls the action when clicked.  Go to that screen in a browser and click the button.

This should fix the issue for you.

Hope this helps,