System cannot find the file specified

System cannot find the file specified



        I am trying to export TableRecords into Pdf (same as Export to Excel) , for that purpose I am using GeneratePDF action of HtmlToPdfConverter.

I set the properties of GeneratePdf action as -

Executable Path: "C:\Program Files\wkhtmltopdf\bin"

URL: "WelcomeScreen.aspx"

I also downloaded "wkhtmltox-0.12.4_msvc2015-win64" file and uploaded in admin page as shown below

When I try to export the records into pdf, it gives me error as System cannot find the file specified.

Am I doing anything wrong in above scenario? Please suggest me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Amit Joshi


Hi Amit,

When you generate a pdf using GeneratePDF method it generates the pdf in a temp location first read and than read the data from file and returns the binary data .

You need to check first whether the file is generating in the temp folder or not . You can also open the extension code in visual studio to check what exactly is written in GeneratePDF method.



Hi Pramod,

           Thanks for your reply.I am new in Outsystems,So please tell me the steps or location of temp folder so that I can check the file is generated or not.


Thanks and Regards,

Amit Joshi