updating tables using popup window

hi outSystem,

recently i have joined outsytem and i am able to update the tables on inputting the textbox, now i am trying to update table using popup window, the problem is i have action screen in popup window where i am updating the table and i have tables in another webblock which is not updating values in front end but it will update only when i refresh the browser.

let me know if you need more info on this


Hi Sharad,

I recommend you to take some time and get the hands-on thefollowing course:



Specially on the following topics:


Ajax and Reusable UI

Screen Lifecycle: AjaxInteraction

Screen Lifecycle: AjaxInteraction Exercise

Web Blocks and UI Reusability

Web Blocks and UI ReusabilityExercise


Typically the save screen action (where you update the records) itwill end with the PopUp Notify widget, that way you can put some logic on theparent screen on the Notify action.