Remove login screen


I am new to outsystems and have no idea of coding. 

I wanna make an offline mobile app for first aid instruction (in Vietnamese language which is not available atm). Bc the app doesnt require login, I remove the login screen. I am half way through making it. Everything works fine on Outsystems Now. However, the apk doesn't work on my phone (Android) with "there was an error processing your request."

Please instruct me how to remove the login screen without making the apk useless. Is there anyway to do it without coding ?

Thank you so much for your help !

PS: I know there are many no-code builders but this is a non profit project, they are way too expensive in Vietnam. So I am learning Service Study myself.


Hi Binh Ho,

Just removing the Login Screen should not be the problem why your app isn't working anymore. You also could leave you login screen in the module and just set every screen to the role: Anonymous (this way you don't ask the users to log in).

If this still doesn't work, maybe you could share your module?

Kind Regards,

Martijn Habraken


Dear Mr. Habraken,

Thank you very much, after setting every screen to anonymous it works beautifully.

Before doing your trick, I removed the login screen and anything TrueChange reported relevant to it. It works perfectly on Onsystems Now, but the apk file couldn't load to the main screen, I guess it tried to access the login screen.

I also attached the module,

Best regards,