Full Offline Login in Mobile !


Im building a full offline app and need a full offline login.

How work Outsystems Login Trigger in offline login cases? Any documentation? Could´t find it.

Thanks ! 

By full offline you mean local login. That means a few other concerns with security. You can't just pass all the encrypted passwords to local storage. At most you can pass that single user's password. How will you know who is he/she? Can you give a unique installation URL to the user, associate timestamp/IP with the email address where to you send the link and the app immediatelly after install get the user info and then do everything else offline?

Anyway, you'll need to go around the standard login functionalities.

Hi Nuno,

Not exactly, I actually need that login to work offline and online at the same time. When the user logs into online mode i create a token on the user's smartphone for offline access. I do not know how Outsystems recognizes an Offline Login because Roles are compromised. The Roles are not working in offline mode. How do I mark an offline user as Registered? Because native action DoLogin not working on client side.

Any ideia?

Hi Louis,

Currently it's not possible to do login or mark a offline user as Registered.

I would like to understand better your use case:

 - Is the device shared between multiple users while offline?

 - If the use case is for a single user device, does the user need to logout? (because persistent login is supported offline)

João Rosado