Apply dynamic format of Date-type attribute by using GetCurrentlocale in global level

Hi there,

I want to set a global format of Date type entity for each country.

For example: yyyy/MM/dd for "jp-ja"

                       dd/MM/yyyy for "en"

                       MM/dd/yyyy for "zh"

I can set Date format according to getCurrentLocale for each individual record but it will take time for develop.

If there is anyway that I can set the condition at first(something like the service center does) , 

it will reduce a lot of time for development.

Thank you.

Hi Chaiwat,

Unfortunately, the OutSystems Platform has very limited support out of the box for different date formats and other locale dependent formatting. I think your best chance to support it would be to write an extension that does the formatting for you based on the locale, and call the formatting function each time you need to display a date.

Thank you very much.

I did create a web-block that will check the locale and change format for the date data.

It properly a best solution for the platform.