I am new to outsystems, developing an app for a small workgroup.

If my application goes into production and there are no changes to the app, but users are active and keep accessing the app, It will also be recycled? And so, after how many months?



On https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Personal_Environment/What's_an_OutSystems_personal_environment you can read the criteria:

Is it really free? Until when?

Yes, completely free.

Your personal environment will be available:

  • As long as you continue developing your apps;
  • Your apps are consistently accessed by end-users.

I'm sure that it remains alive as long as you develop something from time to time (a publish even without a change is enough).

Of the second one, I'm not sure. I use my apps quite often and my environment goes asleep sometimes. Don't know what the exact criteria are but I think you need to consider it going asleep if you stop developing.