Hello Team,

I am trying to build a warning free web application but I got a list of warnings in the current developed application.

I have attached screen shot, Kindly go through it for more details.

Give me a solution how to remove warning those I have mentioned in screen shot.



Hi Pradip,

Your advance query typically would be:

Delete from {TelecomHistory}

You don't need to add the commit statement explicitly.

You can hide the warning with mouse right click or CRTL+H

Hi Pradip,

For SQL errors, I would recommend you to remove commit as once an action completes successfully without errors, the transaction gets committed.

If you still need to commit explicitly for your requirements, please use built-in commit action.

Hi Daniel,

Screen shot contains one more warning unexpected ';' contains in Advanced Query.

I don't want to hide this warning, kindly give me a solution for this.



in my service studio (10.0.405.0), it is okay:

Hi again,

On advance queries our stataments do not need to end with ";" 


";" is not needed and not expected