We are analyzing the all the entities and how eSpace is related to it.

We observed that the metadata of outsystems keeps track of all deleted eSpace and its corresponding entities.

Example : 


Q1 . In which condition Espace_Name gets changes i.e. deleted0,deleted1,deleted2 .

Q2. Is the data gets replicated from old entity to new entity.

Please provide your input.


The "deleted' indication should only appear if you actually delete the espace in service studio or service center.

An no, data is not replicated for the old to the new entity except for static entities. But even for static entities you're not 100% sure that the identifier for the old table is the same in the new table.

An important topic to consider when playing with tables.

Another attention point: if you change teh name of a column, a new one gets created in the table (needed in case you want to rollback to a previous version) but here also you loose the data from the old column. It gets created with an empty value