February 2017 - Changes in our support processes and tooling

Hi there Community!

As part of a big push to better assist our expanding worldwide community of customers and developers, OutSystems is making a number of changes in our support tools and processes. The first installment of these changes has gone live this week, featuring a number of process changes that we expect will make interacting with OutSystems support an even better experience.

Aside from these process tweaks, we’re also changing a bunch of things to make your life better:

  • implementing a brand backend ticketing tool to improve our own efficiency;
  • deploying (upcoming) serious improvements in our support portal UX;
  • consolidating multiple channels like chat, email, and web to make it easy for you to use what might be convenient;
  • allowing developers and personal environment users to access the support portal for infrastructure related issues.

This is only a small part of something bigger brewing at OutSystems! We’re proud of our commitment to a number of initiatives that will improve our support processes and will have more exciting updates for you soon - stay tuned, and let us know what you think we could be doing better!

Ana Sequeira

I think you mean "brand new backend ticketing tool" :)

Hi Ana,

That looks good. Is this applicable for issues reported to 'success@outsystems.com' when our support license is expired?


Suraj Borade