[OutSystems UI] Bottom Bar always highlighted on default screen

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Published on 25 Aug (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Aug (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hi, I create a post about this in Technology forum.

I think it should be posted here... 


Please help... 

This is how it looks on Chrome DevTools.

My active screen is Screen3, and this is screen3 properties:

This is Screen1 which is should not be active (it is my Homescreen), but <a> have class active.
It should not active right?

More information:

I was wrong that default homescreen was always highlighted.

Turns out, the first Bottom Bar Item was the one always highlighted,

I change the order of bottom bar item, and the first (left-most) bottom bar item always highlighted.


I noticed that there are already some answers in the other thread which look that might fix the issue, did it help?


Yes it did help...

Turn out new Silk UI Mobile add input parameter ActiveItem and OnReady Client Action on BottomBar block.

ActiveItem default value is blank, which translate to 0, which is the first item index value.

I just put default value of -1 to ActiveItem, or remove OnReady Client Action, and it worked fine.

Please fix this in the next version of Silk UI Mobile...

Because in previous version, there is no input parameter and client action on BottomBar block.



Is there any chance you can share an OML with the problem happening? If there was no active item set, it should work just like there was no "OnReady" action.

Thank you!