Mysql vs sql server

I currently am using Mariadb and Sphinx Search in a Linux environment. 

I am thinking of starting to use Outsystems. 

If I switch to sql server I would have the expense of sql server plus I would have to figure out how to use Sphinx Search inside Outsystems. If I can stay with Mariadb which essentially is mysql it will be easier to develop my queries but it is unclear how well Outsystems really supports Mysql. 

How well does mysql work with Outsysyens?

I would rather switch to sql server if I will have limitations trying to use mysql or is it pretty transparent?


Hi Alan

Are you talking about running the platform on top of MariaDB or fetching data from an external MariaDB database?

I was talking about fetching data from an external MariaDB.

Thank you for trying to help.

I am am small developer and will not be able to continue with OutSystems. I hope some day that small developers will be able to use this fabulous tool. It's the best tool I have found, basically the Holy Grail that I had been looking for for almost 20 years.

Hi Alan

Officially OutSystems supports MySQL 5.6.5+ for data fetching, so there's no guarantee that the drivers are compatible. You might run into some issues while fetching data, but since the syntax is similar it might work for most scenarios.

The metadata might also be slightly different, so you might run into problems when importing the tables in Integration Studio. A workaround for this is creating the entities manually (make sure the properties match the original table)