I am new to Outsystems. Great Idea.

However, Themes & Common UI Training tutorial page 10 refers to:

c) Notice that there is an Icon widget already present. Double click the icon
and choose ‘dashboard’ 

I don't see any Icon widget, all I get is something that has no double-click reaction

I feel very silly. I have programmed for years. Double-clicking the sourceblock has no effect. Since I have no idea what I expect to see visually - I cannot move forward with the tutorial.

Has anyone else gotten stuck on this step?


Hi Shawn,

The tutorial might be outdated, as the icon doesn't seem to auto-populate anymore. 

But if you open the search, and type in 'Icon', you should see an option like 'Drag Icon to BottomBar'. You can just drag this into the icon placeholder of your BottomBarItem and from there will be able to add your icon.

Let me know if you have any trouble,



Yay! That was perfect. I was able to create the menu successfully.

Thank you, I can move forward now.