Entity "View Data" does not show all columns


Platform version: 10.0.405.0
Service Studio Version: 10.0.405.0

The issue presents when right-clicking an Entity and selecting "View Data" in a non-production environment.

As per the attached example, an entity would have 13 columns, but "View Data" would only display 10 of those (the discrepancy is not consistent).

Hi Hanno

When designing an Aggregate, you have the preview always on your screen and you're able to hide:

 and show columns on that preview:

This will not influence the actual output, as it is just for preview purposes only.

The actual output is then, upon compilation, optimized to the actual columns that the remainder of your code uses from the output of this Aggregate.

I hopes this clarifies.


Hi Hanno,

Thanks for reporting this issue. 

We are solving it right now and the fix should be released soon.

There is no simple workaround for Entity View Data, since you can't add the attributes that were incorrectly left out. 

There is a harder workaround, that involves building a new aggregate will let you see all the attributes of the entity.

1. Create a new Aggregate in a Server Action;

2. Drag the Entity to the Aggregate;

3. Show all attributes and add any that are missing by dragging them to the Aggregate;

4. View the data;

5. Delete the Aggregate.



Or try ding the following, this worked for me when I couldn't view data in Production mode.

1. Add a 'Test' Web screen.

2. Add preparation to the screen just created.

3. Add the aggregate you need to view data for.

4. Open the aggregate, and vioala! there's your data ;)