I am new To mobile app, I need to do a task, I need to allow user to enable the GPS with a popup window while in the app, Like in Google maps when user launches the app it checks for gps..if it is turned off it need to turn on by clicking the ok in popup..

I have location plugin and i succeeded in checking the location..what i have done is that the user need to manually go to settings and enable the location..but i need user to enable the location without closing the app by allowing a popup to enable..

Guide me how to do that..

Hi Keerthi,

You need also another Mobile plugin. I believe it's this one: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1916/diagnostic-plugin/

You can use this to manage the settings on the phone.

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Thanks Remco,

That looks Great but i have tried that, I have created a button, when i click that button it needs to take me to the settings in android. so i created the action as specified in picture


I Just simply added the switchtolocationsettings action in button click ..

But it doesn't worked..

Did i made any mistake!? should i need to include any other actions??

Guide me please.


Is there any solution to the issue mentioned by Keerthi?

I have an issue with generating Android app:

Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova.plugins.diagnostic.

Any advice? I would like to redirect user to Location settings when the GPS is switched off.



Hi ,

Did you resolved the issue ?

I am also facing same issue Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova.plugins.diagnostic.

Please let me know if you found the solution.